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School sponsorship program
The backbone of Children in Africa’s work is the school sponsorship program. The first ones started in 2005 when Children in Africa supported Eden School – a very poor school housed in a church. The school was situated in the slum area Katanga in Kampala district.

Children in Africa applied to DANIDA (Danish International Development Assistance) for financial support, and   Constructed Eden School in a suburb close to where the children  was located. Now the school is called Bukoto Community Primary School and has over 400 pupils and more than 20 teachers. The sponsorships of Children in Africa makes it possible for the school to  provide the children with quality education, good food and necessary school equipment.

At the moment there are 100 active school sponsorships, but the need is far greater. We receive many inquiries from schools in the poor rural regions. They draw the attention to children who cannot afford a uniform, pencils or notebooks and consequently do not attend school. In the years to come Children in Africa wants to strengthen the efforts to the benefit of these poor children in the rural areas.  

A few dollars in for example Rakai or Lyantonde district can make a very big difference for a poor child or a poor family out there.