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The pencil project 
In 2007 Children in Africa launched the project ”The pencil project - make it simple let it grow”, and an incredible reaction was seen.

School leaders, teachers and children are so enthusiastic when ever staff members from Children in Africa visit their school and distribute pencils, note books, textbooks, school uniforms, rucksacks, socks and shoes. Proper teaching material is of the utmost importance to the teachers. 
The pencil project contributes to helping many children finish primary school. Attending government and church schools under Universal Primary Education is free of charge in Uganda (subsidized by the government) but nevertheless parents still have to contribute towards food,uniforms and scholastic materials and children cannot attend if they do not possess  such  items. The pencil Project has always given a great relief by providing the scholastic materials to the very needy and vulnerable children in the schools reached.   

During the last six years Children in Africa has reached 15 schools and about 3,000 children. Every year we hope to include one or two more schools. The pencils and other materials donated are bought in Uganda in order to keep the costs low and to help local business.

Summary from 2012