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Masomo is a small organisation set up and registered in Uganda in 1996. In 2007 Masomo became part of Children inAfrica. Masomo has its own projects and separate budget. The projects have increased in numbers over the years.

In 2002 Ms. Jonna Kildebogaard started to improve the housing conditions for the disabled and leprous and to find sponsors for the children. Thanks to contributions from many sponsors Masomo pays school fees and education for about 200 children. 

Little Denmark, where the disabled and the leprous live has been improved and more projects have been made possible. The latest initiative is to support the street children project, M-lisada in Kampala – also called “Music to the rescue”. The purpose is to give the former street children an identity through music, dancing and performing. Initially, the project worked under very poor conditions with 17 children living in one room. They made a living by performing. 

Now these children have a house to live in, and Masomo has supported the building of a halfway house for the big children and with a piece of land where they can cultivate their own vegetables. Masomo pays the schoolfees for the children and has collected instruments, so that M-lisada can perform better. The next goal is to collect money for a halfway house for children that are not yet suited for participating in activities together withthe other children. 

All contributions from sponsors are spent exclusively on the activities of Masomo. 

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