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Other projects
House construction

Through the years Children in Africa has helped child-headed-households, grandmothers living with children, persons living with HIV/AIDS- and other poor families to construct a new house built of bricks and with a concrete floor. New beds and lining are donated and often a latrine and kitchen are constructed as well.

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Children's camps

At Children in Africa, we would like to empower our children together with their parents  with different skills which can help them become responsible citizens and responsible parents in life. Our capacity building programs include camps, trainings and sensitization workshops.

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Income generating activities

Children in Africa, we not only want to support the children but we would also like to empower their parents or guardians with skills.

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Masomo is a small organisation set up and registered in Uganda in 1996. In 2007 Masomo became part of Children inAfrica. Masomo has its own projects and separate budget. The projects have increased in numbers over the years

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