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Our aims
Children in Africa has continued to give hope and courage to the children reached by providing counseling and guidance to them. Most of the children are coming from very poor and vulnerable families - including child headed households - and many of them have almost no hope for the future. This is a result of their background and trauma which they have gone through as they grew up, for example the loss of their parents and absolute poverty which limits their exposure to the world.

When we identify such a child, we visit their home often and share with them words of courage depending on the given situation. At times we use some of their fellows who have already been in our system to share with them some of their own related experiences. This has helped in building the capacity of many of our affected children and given them positive hope for the future.
Our annual children’s camps have helped us raise hope among the most vulnerable children in some of our communities. We normally have different themes for the camps and by the end of a camp we observe a significant change among the participants. We train them in HIV/AIDS awareness, youth roles and responsibilities, gender roles, violence in households and family planning, hygiene and sanitation in households, behavioral change and non verbal communication skills, goal setting and income generating activities among others.

Our aim as Children in Africa is to ensure that a child in Africa attains his or her potential and we do this using the limited resources within our means and in partnership with other development partners with whom we share similar aims and objectives.

Vision and mission
Children in Africa was incorporated in Uganda under the NGO Act working together with Eden Revival Ministries  and other partner organizations including Ambassadors of Hope (AOH) and Rakai Community Based Aids organization (RACOBAO) to help orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda most of whom have been affected by HIV/AIDS. The Organization is domiciled in Uganda and commenced activities in 1997.  

Children in Africa attaining their full potential

Children in Africa
exist to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable children in Africa in partnership with other development partners.

Principal activities
The principal activity of Children in Africa (The Organisation) is:
· To provide Education to selected orphans and needy children in Uganda.
· To provide HIV/AIDS awareness to parents and guardians of the supported children
· To train children, parents, teachers and guardians in income generating activities, and
· To improve children’s welfare through various trainings